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Time to Wake Up

Being gently awakened by morning sunshine is much more enjoyable for me than the “BRRZT, BRRZT, BRRZT” of an alarm clock. One of my favorite awakenings is with the sun rising on the side of a tent pitched high in the cool North Carolina mountains! Good Morning!

Awakening can also apply to becoming newly aware of something. An “awakening” of Moses occurred at Mount Horeb when God spoke to him from a burning bush (Ex 3:3ff). Saul/Paul was “awakened” when he heard the voice of the Lord while going to Damascus (Acts9:5). In both cases there was a major change in their world view.

David could be described also of having an “awakening” when the prophet of God confronted the great king with his treacherous acts of adultery and murder (2 Sam 12:7). However, David’s awakening was different from the ones previously noted of Moses and Saul/Paul. David already had intimate knowledge of God. He became “awakened” to the gravity of his own sinfulness.

Sometimes we speak of people being in “denial” meaning they refuse to accept something as true even though the facts are abundant. Other times people may not be so much in denial as they are “asleep.” In such cases, the right combination of information, awareness, facts, self examination or understanding has not yet occurred in their lives. It is not entirely unlike having a dream that there is a particular sound or sensation around you only to awaken and find there really is something making that feeling or sound in real life. Our word epiphany describes that sudden moment of insight or awareness.

Sometimes we awaken to conditions of our lives slowly, over time, like the gentle light of a new day growing brighter. At other times we are confronted by a sudden or even startling new awareness.

However it comes, once an “awakening” has occurred, there is a question, that makes all the difference in life. Now that I am aware, and have been awakened to the truth, what am I going to do about it? Paul urged even believers to “awake out of sleep; for our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.” (Rom 13:11)

Facing the reality of Jesus, Pilate washed his hands. Hearing Paul preach the gospel, Felix tried to ignore the truth and to postpone any response until later. Paul, David, Moses, Peter, Lydia, the Jailer, and scores of others in scripture, acted immediately once awakened to the truth. How many of us need to “awaken” to the needs of our lives?

-Tim Orbison


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