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About Us

Comprised of up to 4 simultaneous generations, Maysville has a lot to offer to everyone regardless of age.

Nestled among the rolling green hills of north central Alabama just outside of Huntsville, Alabama, Maysville is an autonomous, non-denominational church who believe that the Bible is the sole authority to instruct us on how to become a Christian and how to live as a Christian, leading us to salvation. 

We are autonomous. We have no headquarters, no board of directors, with only the Bible as our guide. Elders are selected from within the congregation by its members to oversee the congregation and insure that only the truth found in God's word is taught and followed. Deacons are also selected from within the congregation to perform specific areas of work within the church. 

We are a non-denominational church. Our beliefs are not dictated by any source outside the sole authority and teaching of the Bible. The bible contains all instruction necessary to be a Christian and to be saved. No other authority, no human doctrine, and no other book determines our faith. It is our conviction that we are to speak what the Bible speaks and be silent when the Bible is silent, neither adding to nor taking away from God's instruction to us. God's word is the final and only authority on how to be saved and how to conduct our lives as His followers.

As a church, we worship together, work together, and fellowship together in a strong unity of love that binds each of us together as brothers and sisters in Christ. We invite you to visit us, worship with us, and learn more about us.

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