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Ten Years Later - Status Check

Regardless of party affiliation, most Americans watch anxiously as the votes begin to roll in for a presidential election. It is a very big deal for America and the world. Please, don’t ever forget, who is in power matters -- in the country and in the church.

As Obama began his second term in 2012, marijuana was voted legal in Colorado and Washington. Same sex marriage was approved in Minnesota, Washington, Maine and Maryland. California voted a huge tax raise on residents making over $250,000, which drastically affected all small business owners and killed many jobs in the state.

Having lived through a few elections in my life I understood the process but watching 2012 was different. There was a very notable change in the country, not just on political and monetary issues, but on something much more basic. Morality itself came into this election and things were changing. Drug laws, education laws, abortion laws, homosexuality and marriage laws are more than just political ideas. They are the very nature of people - what they hold as right and wrong. In 2012 voters showed that they were unwilling to accept the Bible definition of morality or even of boys and girls.

How will historians write about our period of our American history? Clearly there are substantial changes in values taking place. I have written about the damaging impact of TV on morality. The content of one’s mind forms the basis for all values. Our youngest viewers are adopting TV morality and it’s getting worse fast. Nationally, a newer generation has risen up that does not yield to the God of the Bible. The effects of this are going to be astounding. That our most recent nominee to the Supreme Court says that she is unable to define what a woman is should scare you for the welfare of our country beyond words.

Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun and what has been done will be forgotten by those who live later. (Ecl. 1:9-11). Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for sexual sin 4000 years ago! Aaron sculpted a golden calf 3400 years ago and called it “god” so the people could do whatever they wanted. Today the masses are saying - “We want what we want, and we don’t want God or religion trying to stop us from killing babies or doing anything we want sexually.” That same spirit was as in the children of Israel and cost them their lives, literally.

Final thought - if today it seems like everyone is turning away from God just remember, God is still God, and one day every knee will still bow before the Lord Jesus. And always, ALWAYS there were a FEW who were faithful and walked the narrow path.

- Tim Orbison


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