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Sometimes You Just Don't Know

Let me tell you about Chip Campbell. Chip had an interesting story to tell concerning his conversion. He grew up in Jack's Creek, Tennessee, just seven miles from Henderson - almost in the shadow of Freed-Hardeman College. Yet, he didn't learn the truth from a college professor; he didn't hear a preacher proclaim the gospel; he was not contacted by a Freed-Hardeman student.

No, in this college area home of at least 50 faithful gospel preachers, with a Christian college where hundreds of young men and women are preparing a life of Christian service, Chip Campbell heard the gospel from a passing truck driver!

Chip was at the local Western Auto store when an eighteen wheeler rolled in for a delivery. During the unloading, the subject of religion was brought up and the driver began to explain the New Testament teaching concerning the one church. Chip, who belonged to a denominational church, began to argue. Raising his voice, he vowed to the driver that by the next delivery, he would prove him wrong by the Bible.

But the more Chip studied, the more the things this truck driver had taught made sense. After several days, Chip contacted the preacher at the Jack's Creek congregation and was baptized into Christ.

And the driver? He was never back to Henderson - or at least Chip was never able to make contact.

Out on the road somewhere was a trucker who dared to share his faith. He never knew what a part he played in winning a soul to Christ. But that’s the point... Sometimes you just don’t know.

Jim Martin

(originally from

North Jackson, TN bulletin


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