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On April 15, 1912, Titanic sank on her maiden voyage. Advertised as an unsinkable ship, all involved were tragically mistaken and over 1500 people paid the price for arrogance. The world often puts faith in modern technology and human engineering but ignores or even insults the very notion of God who made humans and gave them the world. Notice some differences in the following two ships.

  • The Titanic Time to build 2 years Length 883 feet Width 93 feet Height 191 feet Top Speed 22.5 kts Engine Horsepower 16,000 Number of Lifeboats 20 Lifeboat Capacity 1178 Number of crew 913 Number of passengers 1316 Total Number on board 2229 Total Lives Saved 713 Total Lives Lost at sea 1516 Percentage Lost at sea 68% Number of days at sea 5 Designers - Thomas Andrews, William Pirrie, Alexander Carlisle Builders - Harland & Wolff (professionals)

  • The Ark Time to build 120 years Length 450 feet Width 75 feet Height 45 feet Top Speed 0 kts Engine Horsepower 0 Number of Lifeboats 0 Lifeboat Capacity 0 Number of Crew 8 Number of Passengers 0 Total Number on board 8 Total Lives Saved 8 Total Lives Lost at sea 0 Percentage Lost at sea 0% Number of days at sea 375* Designers - God Builders - Noah & Family (amateurs)


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