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Mother Firsts

It's an amazing thing to ponder the first of nearly anything, that whatever is under consideration never existed/happened before!

We honor "firsts." Our recent generations have come to see the first air planes, the first cars, the first computers, the first cell phones, the first televisions, etc. Presidential history will always remember the first president to drop an atomic bomb in war; Harry Truman. Also, the first president to sit under an American flag with 50 stars; Dwight Eisenhower. Genesis 2 describes a woman who was also the "first" in many categories. Eve was the very first woman and the very first wife. She was the first mother in the Bible to mourn the death of a child. She was the only woman who came to exist without either a mother or father! She was created by God, and shared the DNA of her husband instead of her parents, being formed from a rib that God removed from him. Would that also make Eve the first "organ" recipient? She was the first human to sin and the first to be rebuked by God.

Eve was the first woman to give birth to a baby and begin that special bond with a child. Many women have died for their children. Recently news stories have told of prospective mothers who discovered they had cancer while they were pregnant. Delaying treatment of cancer in order to give birth to a child is an incredibly brave thing to do but many other mothers have given their lives for their children. Sadly, not every woman who gives birth will love her children, but it is almost certain that every child will long for the woman who gave them birth. It is hard to imagine, by those of us who had great mothers, that in our country, every day, there are about 3000 would-be mothers who intentionally destroy the life growing inside of them. Surely that could be included in what Paul called "lacking natural affection" (2 Tim. 3:3).

In a world where so many good mothers live, we pause to honor those wonderful beings, whom God has created, who are able to create and carry life within themselves, and bring that new life into the world. We give thanks for mothers.

- Tim Orbison


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