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It's a Trust Thing

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

A huge part of all relationships is built on trust. Marriages do not usually last very long after one of the partners comes to the point where they do not trust the other anymore.

In going rock climbing with Lonnie and various groups of kids, I saw some scoot quickly up a rock face. Then after reaching the top they were almost paralyzed with fear when they had to lean back against the rope (trust it) to come down.

There was a time when I was flying dozens of hours a month for business. So I was often flying both at night and in very windy conditions. Years later I went out to fly on a very windy night, on purpose, just to keep my skills sharp. After I took off and was being bounced and banged along toward the Madison County airport, I had this little mental voice saying, “are you sure this was a good idea?” There was no way to call that night fun! It was hard brutal work. I made my three required night landings to stay current for passenger service and I headed for home. After I had the plane safely tied down again I breathed a sigh of relief to be back on the ground! I had to do that to be able to trust my own skills but it was not enjoyable.

Trust is such an important part of our lives that we could hardly imagine living without it. We expect it. We demand it. But maybe only of others? Is it possible we are guilty of a double standard? Do we demand trustworthiness of others without being trustworthy ourselves?

Sometimes when people fail the trust others have placed in them they make up all kinds of reasons why they weren’t responsible. All of which only makes them even less trustworthy! Those who are dependable do not pass the buck or blame others!

I think it is very interesting in life that people are far more likely to be worrying about whether they can depend on God than in asking the question can God depend on us? Can God depend on you to do what’s right? Can God trust you?

The story of Job is a powerful record of the trust God had that a man would do what was right, no matter what! In contrast, Jesus knew that Peter was going to fail many times. You know you can trust God but can God trust you?

- Tim Orbison


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