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In Who's Hands

In the hands of the average dribbler, a good indoor basketball is worth $30-150. A basketball in Michael Jordan’s hands was worth $90 million per year in 2014, even retired. By 2019 that number was up to $145 million per year, still retired (Forbes).

A golf ball in our hands is worth $2-3. A golf ball in Tiger Woods’ hands is estimated by Forbes to have brought him $1.6 billion since he went pro in 1996. (Forbes 2020)

A rod in our hands will keep away small wild animals. A rod in Moses’ hands shepherded his father-in-law’s sheep. The same rod brought under the control of God parted the Red Sea, turned the Nile to blood and brought enough fresh water out of a rock to water millions of people and animals in a desert.

A small smooth stone in our hands could make a splash if thrown into water. A similar stone in David’s hands defeated the greatest warrior of the Philistine army.

Two small fish and five small loaves of bread in our hands means a couple of fish sandwiches. Two fish and five loaves in the hands of Jesus fed thousands and has inspired the lives of countless millions.

Nails in our hands might produce a birdhouse or even a real house. Nails in Jesus’ hands produced the forgiveness of sins for the world.

In our own hands the things and efforts of our lives often seem pretty meager. In God’s hands the things and efforts of our lives can do good beyond our imagination.

- (Author of original idea unknown. Modified for this publication T.O.)


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