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A Time to “Church”

Something wonderful happens in the daily lives of each of us reading these words. We order ourselves - our time, our activities, our lives - around our regular worship. Perhaps most noticeably regarding Sunday morning, but even for Sunday evenings and Wednesday nights we know that everything must submit to this priority. Meals are planned accordingly. Clothing is specifically chosen. Invitations, chores and other interests must bend to accommodate a block of time that is already spoken for. Today we are going to church.

The scriptures, especially of the Old Testament, strongly display the awareness that childhood memories and experiences are powerful. Parents have the obligation of passing along the “torch” of God to our children and our children’s children (Dt. 4:9). Daily interaction must give testimony to our devotion to God by teaching our children the morals, commandments and ways of God (Eph. 6:4, Dt. 6:7). One of those VERY important ways that we teach our children is by showing that we ALWAYS go to church.

About 13 years ago, my dad and I traveled out to where he grew up in west Texas. I experienced a whole parade of emotions as we stood outside the old unused building in Vernon, where he first learned to worship as a boy. As he spoke about HIS parents, I was drawn back in time and tried to envision my old grandparents in the strength of their youth then shepherding their four young children to church. Now, a generation later, the man who was once a youngest son on these steps, was telling his own youngest son on the same steps of the forces that forged him into the man he was to become. He remembered going to church with his parents every service. As do I.

On Sunday and Wednesday we gather. With many who gather, we have little else in common in life. We can be of different ages, different interests. Were it not for this gathering we would mostly not even know each other. Yet, here we are. Drawn together. Drawn from the myriad courses in life to the singular presence and worship of God. We fulfill in truest sense the meaning of church; the called out of God, His assembled group.

We listen to announcements about our members and our group. We bow in prayer giving voice to the needs of our hearts. We sing together. Our singing itself is a most amazing act; the shared vocal expression of lifting hearts and hymns to God and encouraging one another by doing so. And we are reminded, at least for a little while, that there really is something more important than the everyday schedules of our busy lives - - that the very essence of life itself is about God.

- Tim Orbison


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