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A Father's Note


I enjoyed your sermon Simply Jesus and it has been on my mind this week with all of the things going on for our family. I decided to jot some of my thoughts down, that maybe you could use in the bulletin (or not) but wanted to pass along. Keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight.

- Seth

What it is made of is nothing special, just some stained wood connected with screws. It is however special, better than what most people buy. It is solid, sturdy, and made with love by a special man for a special person in mind. As I lay my son down in his crib, I think of all the special plans that have already been made for him. I also think of all the special prayers, the special joy, the special place, and the special responsibility, but with all of this, I can’t help but think of another special baby boy.

A baby boy whose crib was anything but special. Didn’t His Father want the best for Him as well? Why like that, why in a manger where dirty animals ate? Why was he made lower than the angels? Why made like His brothers in every respect? Why share in flesh and blood? Why submit to a lowly birth? Why have nowhere to lay his head? Why be subjected to a gruesome death upon an old rugged cross? The answer is simple and profound.

Yes His Father wanted the best for His Son but He also wants the best for all His children. So God did not spare the best but gave Him up for all of us. For ourselves He became poor, he was bruised for our iniquities and it is by the grace of God that the only begotten had to taste death for everyone. Simply put, the why is because the Father and the Son loved us so! As I lay Bryce down to sleep, I pray the Lord his soul to keep, but my prayer is also full of gratitude. I am thankful for my son, I am thankful for the Son and I am thankful that we can become God’s sons. All of this is made possible because of special love. And that's what makes you and me and every crib in between, special.

- Seth Bowen


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