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"What Lack I Yet"

Ideas roll around in my head, sometimes for years. ("Of course they do," some would say "there's so much EMPTY SPACE up there! Ha!")

The particular idea I have in mind was planted there years ago by a friend during a sermon. He said "all problems can be reduced to a lack of resources." Hmmmm... That may not be universally true but it is a truly valuable maxim.

I was impaired last Wednesday night. No, I wasn't on drugs or drunk. There was a piece of steel in my left eye. It got there late Tuesday night as I was cutting out a weld in a shop project. By Thursday morning it was beyond ignoring. This was not going away! A careful examination of my eye in a magnifying mirror told the ugly story. "There it is!" I exclaimed to Libbie standing nearby. I had a problem, now changed from a nagging sore eye to a speck of metal seemingly floating in mid-air on the crystal clear cornea.

Now what to do? A humorous video was missed as I was on my knees, at the bathroom vanity having arranged a reading light, the magnifying mirror, my glasses (to see), a dental probe, and a Q-tip, while trying to open my eye and excavate the offending metal. After I gave up I urged Libbie to help. I could tell you she politely declined but that would understate the force of her refusal!

As much as I hated to admit it, (and that's a lot!) I lacked the resources to solve this problem. I needed more hands, more light, more room, another eye, better tools, less pain, etc. Shout out to Dr. Ryan Brack, from Marx Optical on Moores Mill, who made a special trip in to see me on his day off!

Deadening drops solved the pain. A really cool magnifying scope solved the visibility issue. A surgical tool allowed him to dig out the steel shard. A little drill carved out the rust that had formed on the cornea under the steel (okay, I couldn't have done THAT part by myself!). Antibiotic drops and I was on my way. Problem solved. Resources acquired.

What did Jonah lack when he ran from God? Belief? Compassion? Motivation? What did Achan lack when he stole (Josh. 7)? What did Saul lack that caused Jesus to strike him blind and send him a prophet (Acts 9)? What did David lack compared to the incredible honor and ethics of Uriah (2 Sam. 11)?

What do people lack when they see no need or have no desire to worship God? What does a man lack who cheats on his wife?

- Tim Orbison


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