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Regarding "Displaced Thresholds"

The picture here might look a bit strange to people who are not used to sitting in the front end of an airplane, but it is a very common sight to most pilots. This is looking at an airport runway that has what is called a "displaced threshold." Normally the "threshold," or starting point, of the runway is the end of the pavement. But sometimes, for various reasons, it is necessary to "displace" the threshold and move it away from the end of the pavement. In the picture, chevrons and an arrow are pointing to the solid white line going from side to side with the "piano key" stripes. That identifies the start of the usable runway. A pilot landing at this airport is supposed to delay actually touching the ground until passing over the solid threshold line. Sometimes a LOT of the pavement that one might THINK is the runway is actually off limits for aircraft landing.

The start for our Summer Series this year had a "displaced threshold". Our Summer Series normally begins on the first Wednesday night in June and goes through the last Wednesday night in August. There have only been a couple of exceptions to that over the years. This year is one of them. In order to accommodate the VBS activities and the National Deaf Christian Workshop for the first two weeks of June, the start of the Summer Series was delayed until this week. Brother Steve Hale will be our lead off speaker this Wednesday night and the rest of the "Series" will be according to the normal plan. If you did not save the bulletin edition when the complete list of speakers was given, you are not out of luck to know who is coming. There will be a list located on the home page of our website,, as well as each week in the bulletin, a box will show who is coming on that week. A copy of the complete list of speakers will be posted on the bulletin board in the foyer by the offices. And if you'd like to have a copy of the list, we would be glad to do that for you as well. Tonight, Lord willing, it is my intention to introduce our topic of study for Summer Series. Come join us!

- Tim Orbison


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