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Protected By Law

They’re called “the terrible two’s” but the testy behavior is really about development, not age. As children grow from being babies to toddlers they start learning, moving, and exploring their world. As soon as they are mobile, parents start telling them “no” -- a lot! And they don’t like it. On any given day do you wish you could go lots faster than the posted speed limit or drive right through the stop sign or red light at the intersection when you come to it? Rules, of any kind, are a hassle because they’re restrictive. They keep us from doing what we want to do. But they are necessary.

On the first day of a world with no traffic laws there would be so many wrecks that driving would be impossible! People would immediately DEMAND LAWS so that people could drive safely!! That’s why society made all those laws in the first place.

Without laws that protect property, people would just take the things they wanted. That would immediately put every business OUT of business! “Your” car could be taken by anybody who wanted it. That would immediately lead to violence, but without laws that protect life, people could also kill anyone they wanted. How far would that go on? The history of the “wild west” showed that when towns developed, people IMMEDIATELY wanted laws, sheriffs and jails to PROTECT life, liberty and property. The reality is that law and order is more than just a popular phrase or TV show. Laws are necessary for a good life.

There’s a word to describe a world without moral principles, laws, and rules. The word is “anarchy.” However much you don’t like being controlled by laws, being without laws would be worse.

People often don’t want to follow the rules of God but are completely unaware of how terrible the world would be without the influence of morals and values of God. God saw a world like that once. A world where everyone thought and did evil constantly. It was a place so terrible that God destroyed it with a great flood (Gen. 6).

No house can function without rules. No country can exist without laws. No company can exist without laws. Laws are the blood and air of humanity and are absolutely required if civilized life is to exist. God gave laws to Israel (Dt. 5). We have the “law of Christ” (Gal. 6:2), and Jesus said His disciples will have and follow the commandments He has given (Mt. 28:20, Jn. 14:15). The laws of God protect society. Really.

-Tim Orbison


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