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Learning From the Enemy

There is an old adage that says, “you’ll find what you’re looking for.” Look for something good and you’ll likely find it. In that spirit, I want to focus on finding something good from two pests; crabgrass and fire ants.

Crabgrass, goose grass, Johnson grass, chickweed, and suchlike, are all enemies of the well-kept lawns. Their tiny seeds lay in the soil like little biologic time bombs waiting to go off and grow. They go everywhere! They spread rapidly. They won’t ever quit trying to do what they do.

Fire ants are another pest that require continuous effort to keep from taking over yards and flowerbeds. It seems like no matter how often you go after them, before long they’re back.

The one quality from these two pests I want to focus on here is their persistence. Here’s an interesting question; what would the church look like if we had the persistence of fire ants and crabgrass in doing good and serving God?

(Luke 6:38) ”Give, and it will be given to you: ... with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you." I read a great quote that said, “Don’t focus on how much you harvest each day, focus on how much seed you plant.”

The very basic “return on your seed” principle is easy to understand. Plant ten stalks of corn and you can get ten to twenty ears of corn. Plant ten rows of corn and you’ll get a lot of corn. Plant ten acres of corn and ... !

What results would occur around us if we were constantly “planting” good? Rather than an occasional act of good, imagine a constant stream of good. Good done with persistence. Good multiplied by every person.

Note that’s not planning but PLANTING! Planning is good IF it results in planting. Seed stored in the barn doesn’t do anything except take up space. Good intentions are deceptive and empty until they turn into action.

In the same way that crabgrass and fire ants - just - won’t - quit - ever, let us be persistent in doing good. “ not grow weary in doing good.” (2 Thes. 3:13.) Do good everywhere. Do good to everyone. LOOK for places to do good and don’t let anything stop you.

- Tim Orbison


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