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Just A Bunch 0f Ehuds

Within every local church there are various groups that form connections. Of course, I am not referring to cliques, which by definition do not readily allow others to join them. That particular attitude goes directly against what the church is supposed to be. Just a quick look at the early church, of how "all that believed were together, and had all things common" (Acts 2:44), shows that the church should be welcoming and unified. Paul would beg the Corinthians to "all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment" (1 Cor. 1:10).

Today, God's people should also be hospitable, loving and kind, all while being steadfast in The Truth. But call it human nature or comfort zone, people gravitate toward people that have similar interests, burdens or jobs. Within every congregation, there are groups that form because of these commonalities: old dudes drinking coffee, young professionals, C.I.A., youth group, security. These breakouts may even have special meetings, secret hand signals, or matching t-shirts as evidence of their comradery.

At Maysville, there is a unique group that has very little fanfare or recognition. You may not even know they exist, but they are a brotherhood brought together by service and purpose. They are simply known as "Ehuds". In Judges 3, Ehud demonstrated total commitment to Jehovah and through his actions Israel enjoyed peace. After carrying out his initial plan, Judges 3:23 says, "then Ehud closed and locked the doors". Our "Ehuds" are active for the Lord as well. They may not wield a literal sword, but they use the "sword of the spirit" in life and do what they can for the Lord. One way is by closing and locking the doors here at the building. This may seem like something that is simple and mundane, but it is still important and needed. Every action we take for the Lord is of value. Little is much when God is in it, even if just opening or closing a door.

This year, this group lost one of its original members, Vernon Perryman. Vernon was a kind and compassionate man. He was a supporter and encourager. I can still hear him tell my boys, "Give me five, well, give me three.” He had a humble heart, always willing to do what he could, always willing to be of service. He loved the church. He loved to worship. He was faithful in friendship, faithful in attendance, faithful to his "Heavenly Father". He fought the good fight; he finished his course. He, like Ehud, was a man of faith and courage. He will be missed, but who knows, maybe today Vernon and Ehud are helping with the Pearly Gates.

-Seth Bowen


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