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In Daddy's Steps

I watched him playing 'round my door my neighbor's little boy of four.

I wondered why a child would choose To wear his dad's old worn out shoes.

I saw him try with all his might To make the laces snug and tight.

I smiled to see him walk and then He'd only step right out again.

I heard him say, his voice was glad,

"I want to be just like my dad."

I hoped his dad his steps choose Safe for his son to wear his shoes.

And then a shout and cry of joy;

A "Hello, Dad!" and a "Hi-ya, boy!"

They walked along in measured stride, Each face aglow with love and pride.

"What have you done today, my lad?"

"I tried to wear your old shoes, Dad. They're big, but when I am a man I'll wear your shoes, I know I can!"

They paused and stood there hand in hand, He saw his son's tracks in the sand.

His words, a prayer; came back to me, "Lord, let my steps lead him to thee!"

(poem by unknown author

from Avondale church bulletin,

1982, from my files, TO)


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