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Follow the Instructions!

Recently, I was putting together a futon that I purchased. It wasn’t particularly difficult, but was definitely time consuming. I was carefully following the instructions, when I got to a point where I was to use a very long bolt to fasten together two pieces of the frame. In my opinion, the bolt was much longer than needed, and I mused at the incompetence of the engineer who designed the piece of furniture. The long bolt was a waste and besides could be a danger since it stuck out so. Regardless, I put the bolt in and continued with the assembly.

As the construction neared completion I noticed that another piece of the frame assembly went over the remaining end of the long bolt and was fastened on with another nut which left basically none of the bolt exposed. The designer of the futon knew what they were doing after all, and I marveled at the brilliant bit of engineering.

Now, here’s my point. If we want to build a proper life for ourselves, we need to carefully heed the instruction book – the Bible. God is our designer and the operation manual He left us will guide us into “all things that pertain to life and godliness” (1 Pet. 1:3). If we carefully follow the Bible’s instructions, we will indeed marvel at what God has designed for our lives.

Edd Sterchi

Broadway church of Christ

Campbellsville, KY


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