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Very recently a friend and I began to reflect on our own fathers in the course of just regular conversation. We shared stories of childhood memories and experiences as we ourselves grew to manhood under their oversight.

In some ways our stories were quite different but in other ways so alike. My own father was a minister from my earliest awareness and continued to work until just very shortly before his death. My friend's father was converted later in life but became a faithful member of the church until his death.

Both of us reflected candidly on how much we admired the various ways of our dads. They were ever present sources of guidance, wisdom, humor, understanding and good examples of moral life. Even though my friend's father was not a believing Christian until later, both of us were guided by men who espoused a healthy work ethic, a concern for the welfare of others, and treated others in life with respect and compassion.

Both of our fathers had a passion for excellence. Whatever they put their hands and minds to doing was going to be done to the very best of their abilities. My dad gave his life to Bible study preaching and helping members of the body of Christ . He dabbled in wood working, fixed up nearly anything around the house that needed attention and loved yard work. His dad was a professionally qualified plumber, electrician, welder and automotive repairman. They both appreciated and valued the tools of their trade and passed along those passions to their sons.

We shared memories indelibly forged in us by our dads. Our dad's loved our mothers passionately their entire lives. Our dad's often gave us wise counsel throughout our lives. Both of us occasionally ignored that wisdom and paid the price by various consequences, avoidable had we only listened. We were both blessed beyond words by our fathers and watched them pass from this life as proud sons who knew their lives were right with God, right with family and truly treasures to us.

Fathers, if you have little ones in your life, you are shaping their memories and lives in ways you cannot imagine. Your presence in their lives is a value beyond description. There are very few things in life of greater consequence than a great dad. BE ONE! "Fathers do not provoke your children to wrath but bring them up in the nurture and admonition the Lord."

- Tim Orbison


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