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Don't Get Cheated

The concept of being cheated is very close to being robbed. If there is something you should have had, that you deserved, or had a right to, but someone kept you from it, or beat you out of it, then you have been cheated. I don't like it when that happens to me and I doubt if you do either.

If you and your family are not regularly coming to Bible classes on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening then you are being cheated.

In the "great commission" Jesus told his disciples to make disciples everywhere and teach them what they needed to know (Mat. 28:19-20). How was this follow- up teaching supposed to be done? You could come for the rest of your life to the worship services of the church and not know the Bible thoroughly. Preaching cannot provide all the instruction that is needed. Further, the confessions of most people reveal that they do not do a very good job of personal Bible study. In out own reading we are often like the man from Ethiopia, when asked if he understood what he was reading Isaiah, he answered, "how can I unless someone will guide me?" (Acts 8:31).

Paul said the early church had been given apostles, prophets, preachers, elders and teachers to instruct the church in all that it needed to know about the doctrines of God and how to live life

(Eph. 4:11-14). Why is teaching so important? Because a person can only act on what they know. Bible study helps us to "see the light" and come to a knowledge of the word of God so that we may see how God wants us to live our lives.

Over the years I have seen many families cheat themselves, and their children, out of one of the most important visions of life, the ability to see the word of God the way we should. Some people may reject the word of God even when they completely understand it, but they ought to have that chance. It is a terrible thing to be willing to follow God but to never be shown the way clearly enough to really see. Don't cheat yourself or allow yourself to be robbed.

- Tim Orbison


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