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Don't Forget - Just a Reminder

On any given day come into our kitchen and you will find notes written on a small dry erase board on our refrigerator. The words vary from love notes between Libbie and me, to grocery lists, to notes for myself. I often write notes to myself as a “to do” list. The board is a convenient place to post things to remember; memos.

I have heard there are people with near photographic memories who remember everything. I don’t have one of those and I need reminders. Reminders are important because in real life most people forget things. I have missed meetings with people and other appointments and failed to buy needed items on more than one occasion because I forgot.

Reminders are important because we can “lose focus” and even lose track of time as we become busy with other things. I often use the convenient timers and alerts built into my phone and computer calendars to make sure an important event is not neglected. Usually I am very aware of the urgent events before my phone ever begins to ding and flash, but from time to time they startle me with an important reminder of an action that needs to be done right now! Setting my alarms gives me the freedom to devote my entire attention to a project, knowing that little program will do the clock watching for me.

Paul said he needed to remind the Romans of what they already knew (Rom. 15:15). He told the Corinthians he was sending Timothy to them to remind them of what they had been taught (1 Cor. 4:17). He reminded Timothy to use the gifts given to him (2 Tim. 1:6), and then told him to remind others of their responsibilities (2 Tim. 2:14).

Perhaps the best reminder statements come from Peter (2 Pet. 1:12-15). He told his Christian audience that even though they knew the things he was telling them, that it was right for him to remind them again. Further, he said he planned to continue reminding them for as long as he was alive and that he was even going to arrange it so that he could still remind them even after he was dead! Now that’s a dedication to reminders!

To the day she died my mother still reminded me to drive safely, be good, take care of my family, serve God and other important things. Sure I knew them and she knew I knew them, but it brings a warmth to my heart, even now, that my mother also knew it was her lifelong job to remind me of important things to the very end. Parents, elders, preachers take note: It will NEVER be time to quit reminding others to live right! On this Memorial Day Weekend remember that, too.

- Tim Orbison


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