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Be Salt, Be Light, Be Courageous, Be Ready

January 5, 2020

How did those who hate God, hate morality, hate decency and love all things evil ever come to define what is “moral” and “right” in our society?  How can it be a “right” to destroy an unborn baby just because its mother does not want the baby born?  How can it be a right for any group to indoctrinate our children, against our will, in our schools, about their views on sexuality and abortion?  What happened here?

A rebellion against authority sprang up in our country about sixty years ago.  Driven by various factors, many who were born between 1945 and 1960 became very self centered.  They rebelled against any and all forms of control on their personal lives.  They defied their parents, they defied the laws of our civilization and country, and they rejected the foundations of morality that came from God.

They fought against any form of restraint  of what they wanted.  At the time that included open sexuality (”free love”), the pursuit of drugs and drug induced behaviors (surging again today) and a redefining of the word “wrong.”  Wrong was redefined to mean opposing anything they wanted to do.  Individual desires became “rights” and their opinion was, “If I want it, then it’s my right, because I’m free.”

When those people were teens and young adults they made life miserable for their parents.  As they aged they carried their values into positions of influence, deciding what got printed as news, seen on TV, shown in movie theaters and taught in our schools.  Then they and their children browbeat any opposition into silence.  And we have been largely silent.

Salt does not stop being salty because people don’t like it.  Christians are the salt for the benefit of the world (Mat. 5:13).  If we lose or don’t use our influence, we are good for nothing but to be thrown on the ground.  We have held our peace in order to live at peace with our world, but Jesus said he came to bring a sword (Mat 10:34-39).  Light does not stop being light just because people want to be in the dark.  Christians bring a light to the world and like a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden, our influence must reach out to those around us (Mat. 5:14-16).  

“And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil,” (John 3:19)

We do not lose the constitutional right to speak out just because we are moral.  It is time for Christians to put our light on a post, not hide it under a basket.  But don’t be naive.  Lights have always been an easy target for every kid with a BB gun.

- Tim Orbison


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