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A Tribute to Two

Do you remember what you learned when you were in the 2nd grade? If you are like me, you probably don't remember what you had for lunch yesterday. That doesn't mean you or I didn't eat or that we still don't know those elementary truths. These are probably just some things that we don't give much thought to, but they still matter.

Our congregation recently lost two assets, two special people, two sisters. Dot Sanders and Doris Newman were the original tag team. Tied at the hip, where there was one there was the other. They had a friendship we all long for, a friendship that will continue. They were unassuming yet strong. They were quiet yet their examples spoke volumes. They were consistent, encouraging, and supportive. They were faithful in years of service, especially in

teaching the Bible to 2nd graders. They may be gone

but they still matter.

I may not remember much about 2nd grade but I know these two were a positive light to a young man who would shortly after their teaching step over his grandfather's crippled legs to walk down to the front row to give his life to God. Every godly example matters.

We all understand the lasting impact that teachers can have. Someone once said, "Every kid is one caring adult away from a success story". What if that were true for the spiritual side? Will you be the one who will step up to teach and make that eternal difference for the next generation? Dot and Doris leave a legacy. They cannot be replaced but their shoes can be filled. Will you rise up to the challenge? Because it will matter.

- Seth Bowen


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