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A Sermon from a Soldier

This letter was printed in the Beltline Beacon, July 10, 2007. It was from a young brother in Christ, a very long way from home. We have had some of our own young men learn about being “alone” in hard places. Following the last two years while we were often separated from each other perhaps it will strike home in a different way. T.O.

“To the Body of Christ that meets at Beltline Church of Christ, I got your box of pogey bait (that's army talk for goodies). It lasted about 20 minutes after I opened the box. I made sure that the Bibles got to those who did not have one. Now it's up to them to use it, with a little prodding from me.

You need to know how much the troops appreciate this kind of gesture. They don't say much, but I noticed that they look at it longer than they do the stuff they get from the PX. They might can get something from the PX, but this came from home. It means more.

I would like to tell you about an 8:28 (Romans 8:28; it's something my youth group at Baker Hgts. say) thing. I was wondering how I could meet with the Saints over here. I brought communion needs with me. I spent a couple of Lord's days by myself and partook communion with just myself and the Lord. I found it just doesn't mean the same as when you commune with others. Ok, God I got the lesson. Then, my wife, Suzanne, told me of a troop, Jody, who is a Christian. He is from Cisco, TX, (about 60 miles away from Abilene-my home). We started a Bible study and Communion on the Lord's day. Now our Communion seems more special. The lesson God showed me was this. Even though we take the Communion in memory of Christ until He returns, the Communion is really to help us remember how closely we are attached to God when we share it. So if anyone says they don't need to gather together and remember; well you just let them know it's important. He said, “where two or more are gathered in My Name; there I am also” for a good reason. It helps. Just as two can be connected by a common Love of God, so can a whole body be connected. It is illustrated by your loving box of pogey bait.

The Church of Christ that meets at Bagram Air Force Base, Afghanistan, salutes you. (all 3 of us.)

Robert N. Dennis


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