I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills,
from whence cometh my help. 
My help cometh from the LORD,
which made heaven and earth. 
• Psalm 121 •  

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What To Expect at Lads To Leaders / Leaderettes

For those who are new to the Lads to Leaders / Leaderettes program, this is an introduction to give you some idea of what occurs on this weekend trip.

Our Lads To Leaders / Leaderette convention is held in Nashville, TN at the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center on a 'Thursday night till Sunday morning' weekend. Since so many congregations attend the Nashville convention, the thousands of people are divided into 4 groups - red, yellow, green, and blue.

  • Pack for a stay lasting from Thursday night until Sunday morning.

  • Bring packed luggage to church Wednesday evening before the trip and it will be carried to Nashville for you and will be in your room waiting for you when you arrive Thursday evening.

  • Dress clothes are prefered for Awards Ceremony Friday and Saturday evenings, especially for the participants as their pictures will be taken.

  • At least nice casual clothes are prefered for attending events.

  • Pack nicer clothes for the worship service on Sunday morning.
  • Your room will be available Thursday evening. You will have already been checked in.

  • Rooms are assigned. Kids are assigned rooms so that we may properly keep up with them. As such, room swapping is not permitted.

  • Kids should be in rooms following canteen and not running around the hotel.

  • You will be checked out of your rooms automatically on Sunday afternoon. Just leave your door card key in your room.
  • Maysville will issue three meal cards per day to each person. They are vouchers honored by the hotel eating establishments. Use wisely and do not lose - they can neither be re-printed nor replaced.

  • Canteen is provided each evening before curfew from one of the designated rooms. (soft drinks, candy, snacks, etc.)

  • You may find that 2 meals a day is all you can squeeze in with as many of kids as you are going to want to see perform. A snack bar in your pocket might be a meal, at times. But, please do not eat inside a room where an event is taking place.

  • We traditionally eat Sunday lunch together on the way home at a restaurant along the interstate - just follow the bus.
  • Adults attending from each congregation are encouraged to judge events. The events you judge will involve congregations not in your color group, unless there are so few participants that they have to combine colors in order to have a competitive number of participants, normally between 8 and 12.

  • Judges' meetings occur typically on Friday morning for the Friday afternoon events, and on Friday evening for the Saturday events.

  • You will receive a card in the mail per event you sign up to judge indicating when and where your judges' meeting will be for that event.

  • At times, there are extenuating circumstances in which judges of an event must make a judgement call, or request assistance from an event attendee. Please support the judges with a Christian attitude. They are volunteers, as are you, and are attempting to be as fair and impartial as possible. Most of the judges have several years experience judging their events.
  • Even with the many rooms used, it does get crowded at times and congestion in the hallways may at times become a bit prohibitive while attempting to arrive at your designated event room on time. So, be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to get through the crowd to arrive to your event on time.

  • Participants are required to check in with the judges upon arriving at the assigned competition room. Arriving early and becoming accustomed to the setup and environment, when feasible, is a good idea.

  • For non-group competitions, like song leading, speeches, etc. (not puppets, Bible bowl), the judges may allow the particpants to draw numbers from a bowl to determine order of appearance.

  • For individual competitions, all participants will remain in the room until all participants have completed their turn. Each participant will be able to watch the others and learn from the experience.

  • Adults are encouraged to attend as many events as possible, both for support as well as lending voices for the singing events.

  • Awards ceremony for each day's events occurs that evening 8pm - 10:30pm. The entire party from the congregation is requested to attend and support the young people. Seating at the evening awards ceremony is reserved by the convention leaders so that congregations may sit together.

  • A schedule of events and our participant in each event is provided to everyone by our Maysville coordinators days prior to traveling so participants will know where to be and when, as well as for the adults to plan their day to be able to support as many of the kids as possible. See previous page for a link to an example schedule.

  • Participants and adults alike understand that the weekend schedule is tight and that it is not physically possible to be present for every participant. However, particpants whose events you are able to attend do appreciated the support.

  • Men are not allowed to attend the following Leaderettes' events. All other events are open to everyone.

      * Songs of Praise * Debate * Speech * Bible Reading *

  • The following event activities are completed before the trip, and turned into our respective coordinator. They are traditionally judged late Friday morning or early Friday afternoon:

    • Scrapbook
    • Good Samaritan
    • Bible Reading/Memorization
    • Art Work
    • Mass Media
  • Still and video cameras are permitted, as long as you do not become a distraction to the participants.

  • Some judges will allow you to stand and video tape if all seating is taken. If seating is available, the judges may ask you to be seated while taping because movement of standing attendees may accidentally distract the participants. An aisle seat or a front row seat next to the wall are excellent vantage points from which to video tape if you must be seated.

  • Do not use your flash nor your in-camera spotlight. They are too distracting. Adjust your camera settings to low-light environment.
Overall schedule:
  • Thursday evening
    • Get settled into room
    • Free time
  • Friday
    • Judges' meeting in morning for Friday events
    • Events begin Friday near lunchtime
    • Judges' meeting in the evening after dinner for Saturday events
    • Awards ceremony at 8pm for Friday events
  • Saturday
    • Events all day long
    • Awards ceremony at 8pm for Saturday events
  • Sunday
    • 8am - 9am Combined worship in convention hall
    • 10am - 11am Pack and leave
    • Maysville group lunch on way home - just follow the bus
    • Evening worship back home at Maysville 5pm

We hope you can join us for this VERY beneficial and enjoyable weekend!
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